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We are continuing to monitor the situation in the city of Philadelphia carefully. As of right now, our wedding is going ahead as planned. We will update all of our guests immediately should that change. Thank you!
Arielle & Alexander




Arielle and Alexander

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We the Couple...

He's British. She's American. They met at City Hall in Philadelphia.

Just over 240 years ago, this little love story would not have been possible. And yet — thanks to a crazy king, some angry colonists, wasted tea, planes and the ‘miracle’ of online dating — it is today.

In January 2018, Arielle reached out first, trying her hand at cheesy pick-up lines via none other than Bumble. There we said it. We, as the millennials that we are, met online. #noshame

"So, what brings you across the pond?" She hit ‘send’, but immediately regretted it. “Oh well.” He was never going to respond anyway, so what would it matter? …But he did!

Their first date was at the Dilworth Park ice rink right in front of City Hall. Somewhere between an awkward hello, a trip around the historic hall (talking all the while), drinks, dinner, and skating- they began to "fall" in love (and fall Alex did...over and over and over...don't take him ice skating).

And soon, we will all be celebrating both their last date together as two separate souls and their first as one. There is and will be so much more to this story between their first meeting and October 30, 2021 (and I'm sure you'll hear some of it during the reception speeches). But, for now, let’s raise a pint and cheers to all the joy to come!
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