Still on!
Update 10/4/21: At this time, guests will be asked to wear masks walking into the venue. However, they are free to remove them if they are comfortable doing so once inside. We will provide disposable masks at the entrance for any guests who need them.




Travel and Accommodation

The Loews Philadelphia Hotel

For your convenience, Arielle and Alexander have reserved a selection of rooms at a discounted rate at one of the city’s historic hotels. Located in the nation’s first skyscraper, the Loews Philadelphia Hotel “combines living history with warm sophistication.“ The Loews is positioned in the heart of Philadelphia and is close by to the city’s main attractions, including Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell. (Side note- the hotel is also right next to one of Arielle and Alexander’s favorite places- Reading Terminal Market! This indoor open market is a great place to grab a quick bite before you head out to see the city!)

Click the link below or call 888-575-6397 to book a room (and be sure to let them know you are coming to the Eaton/Mackenzie wedding) for a special room rate. Rates begin at $159 per night!

1200 Market St
Philadelphia, PA 19107
United States
Visit Website

Travel to Our Venue

Traveling to the Stotesbury Mansion is easy in Philadelphia! There are plenty of options for transportation, whether you want to drive and park at one of the convenient lots nearby, bike with Indiegogo, walk (about 15 min from the Loews Hotel), take a bus, or take an Uber/Lyft. If you have concerns around transportation to the venue, please reach out to Arielle or Alex directly.

Things to Do and See

Make the most of your trip by taking in the history and splendor of Philadelphia! There are plenty of bus tours around the city (check out Big Bus Philadelphia). But if you prefer to take your own tour, be sure to include these sights:

And for a bit of Halloween fun (be sure to book your tickets early for the Halloween tours- they go quickly!)....

Travel while in the city

When traveling in and around Philadelphia, you have plenty of options to get where you need to go! The city is very driver friendly (by American standards) if you choose to rent a car but it is also very walkable. The bus and train system in Philadelphia, SEPTA, is user friendly- don’t be afraid to ask SEPTA workers for help. There are zip bikes available for hourly rental all over the Center City and, of course, Uber and Lyft are always great options.

Here are all the links you need!


Where to Eat

There are tons of great restaurants around the city, many of which are right near the hotel! From the Philadelphia Hard Rock Cafe to Molly Malloys, here are a few of our favorites:

There is something for everyone at this busy indoor marketplace! (This was where we spent our third date :) )

El Vez -
One of the best restaurants in the city and a real taste of Mexico, El Vez is located along one of Philadelphia’s most colorful streets lined with fantastic shops and bars.

Pat’s and Geno’s -
What could be more Philly than a cheesteak from the most famous two restaurants in the city? These dueling shacks are well known from their plug in the Rocky movie series. Go ahead and try a steak with or without whiz from each— who’s side are you on?

Hair, Nails, Shopping

Looking to get your hair done? Nails touched up? Swap out a dress or shirt before the big day? Here is a list of shops nearby: