Wedding Party

Susan Eaton

Mother of the Bride

Sean Eaton

Father of the Bride

Susan Mackenzie

Mother of the Groom

Andrew Mackenzie

Father of the Groom

Ashley Johnson

Maid of Honor

There is no bond quite like that of Rook Sisters. After keeping Arielle alive during their first year at Norwich University in the Corps of Cadets, Ashley and our bride became inseparable friends. Think more Lucy and Ethel or two of the Three Stooges as opposed to "two peas in a pod".

Andrew Martin


Their bond has lasted decades. They have only seen each other a hand full of times since since Arielle left Washington, but their friendship has only grown. When they are together, watch out world.

Briana Serridge


Sister of the Bride

Hannah Mackenzie


Hannah is our groom’s sister and therefore the keeper of embarrassing stories about Alex.

Andrew Fazal

Best Man


Ring Bearer

Baby sister of the bride!


Flower Girl

Hooray Creative